Below are our deadline dates for 2019.  Please note that these dates are subject to change.

If you would like to book for our upcoming issues, please call Nigel on 01395 513383.

Magazine IssueArtwork
we are designing / you are supplying ready made
Publication live on
Jan/Feb 2019
Mar/Apr 201918 February1 March
May/Jun 201923 April1 May
Jul/Aug 201918 June1 July
Sep/Oct 201919 August1 September
Nov/Dec 201921 October1 November

If you are supplying editorial/advertorial for our magazine, please use the deadlines below.

Magazine IssueEditorial Deadline
Jan/Feb 19
Mar/Apr 1911 February
May/Jun 1915 April
Jul/Aug 1910 June
Sep/Oct 1912 August
Nov/Dec 1914 October