Happy Birthday Jack

Happy Birthday Jack

It’s Devonshire magazine’s own Jack Jones, celebrating his 10th birthday

Alfie a Parsons Jack Russell

Jack’s mate, Alfie a Parsons Jack Russell

Jack’s regularly featured in the magazine, particularly when we include countryside walks, although these days his mate Alfie is usually alongside (Alfie’s a Parsons Jack Russell – the ones with the long legs). Jack’s an interesting character, as indeed all Jack Russells tend to be, having a list of unsavoury habits as long as your arm, capable of alerting the whole household at any time of the day or night in the event of a leaf dropping, afeared of water deeper than his knees, and able to keep up continuous whining for hours if he’s not entirely happy when you’re out enjoying a coffee, or having a relaxing pub lunch. He’s also the scourge of Postie. Happy Birthday Jack, it has to be said that you’re one of a kind!

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