They’re not cuckoo!

They’re not cuckoo!

In late spring the simple ‘Cuckoo’ song gently wafting along on the breeze is for me, highly evocative of everything that’s great about the countryside during this time of year.

Get yourself over to Dartmoor in the next few weeks as the cuckoos have landed and perhaps like yourself, are planning a relaxing and enjoyable summer.  Cuckoo pull off the human equivalent of sending the kids out to foster parents – a neat trick that no doubt saves them much angst and effort.

If you wish to hear the cuckoo’s call then you’re probably wondering where a good place would be to start.  All I can say is whilst sitting outside for lunch at Widecombe-in-the-Moor recently, we were treated to that rare cuckoo call, although I’m reliably informed they’re dotted all over Dartmoor.

Dartmoor - Haytor to quarries

Dartmoor – Cuckoos are about

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