A great success story for Helen!

A great success story for Helen!

Helen Mulvaney, proprietor of Richmond Independent, a long-established independent financial advice practice, tells us about her great success with Devonshire magazine:

“Devonshire magazine has been amazing for our company, it brings in such good quality business and is the perfect format for us to showcase our business and services to a high net worth audience across Devon.

“I consider part of the success for us is down to their readership profile and also the exceptional county wide reach of the magazine. My clients have repeatedly commented on how much they enjoy reading Devonshire’s interesting and eclectic content. Ultimately, I suppose the acid test is that I actually look forward to reading Devonshire myself!  There are so many boring, facile glossies out there, full of mainly adverts with promos that masquerade as content – not so with Devonshire, they really work hard at producing unique content.

“Some of the advert rates for glossy magazines in Devon are quite frankly, ridiculous. Devonshire magazine should be applauded for their policy of bringing affordable rates to SMEs in Devon, it’s much appreciated.  Over the last 25 years we’ve tried every form of advertising (apart from TV) and I can honestly say Devonshire’s now at the very top of our marketing strategy.  We monitor our advertising very carefully and over the past 6 years that we’ve appeared within Devonshire. It has reliably performed time and time again, receiving a great deal of repeat business from the clients that it’s generated. I cannot recommend Devonshire highly enough!

“Well done to the Devonshire team, keep up the good work”.

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