Adrian Sykes returns to Marine House

Adrian Sykes returns to Marine House

Adrian Sykes a Bristol based artist, is set to tickle artistic taste buds in Devon this Autumn with his solo show from 29th September 12th  October  2018 at Marine House at Beer. With a prize-winning reputation for his paintings which are both inventive and alternative, Adrian won the Young Masters Art Prize in 2012, as well as numerous art prizes throughout the South West.

Well known for his quirky and humorous paintings, Adrian has also won both the prestigious Bath Art Prize and Bristol Art Prize, by always being able to provoke a smile. Defined by his joyous yet intriguing compositions, his work is grounded in his deep appreciation of remote landscapes and his love for townscapes. Semi – abstract in nature, it is intriguing to hear Adrian’s response when asked whether his artworks are based on real the world or if they are completely taken from his imagination.

I am very much drawn to a sense of intrigue in any work of art, from a door slightly ajar or a curtain blowing through an open window, to a mysterious lone figure walking through the woods. I like the play of suggested narrative without being too heavy handed with the meaning, as I like to leave things open to interpretation as there is no one way to define how certain symbols will affect our subconscious.

As a rising star on the UK art scene, it was no surprise that Adrian’s first solo show at Marine House at Beer in 2017 was a complete sell out. His upcoming Autumn solo show at Marine House at Beer will showcase 35 new works, which are often happy and playful, but also combine elements of challenge, arduous travelling, restriction, and loneliness.

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