Aerial View – Guess Where – Dec 14 issue

Aerial View – Guess Where – Dec 14 issue

South East, Exeter and Mid Devon issue:
The answer to the Guess Where aerial photograph featured in the magazine is the lower Axe Valley, with Seaton in the distance and Colyford to the right.

We suggested that if you didn’t recognise the place within 10 seconds, that you’d failed and were undoubtedly a Grockle! (I’d like to point out that we at The Devonshire magazine have nothing whatsoever against grockles, I’m a reformed one myself – Ed)

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  1. Margaret Hincks at 6:34 pm

    My husband and I love the aerial view of the Axe Valley, it is truely stunning. As Seaton residents we would like to suggest that the view is printed onto canvas, a triptych would
    look amazing. There would certainly be an order from our house. Many thanks to the team for producing an interesting magazine.

    • Charlotte at 12:31 pm

      Thank you very much! We all work very hard to get the best for our readers.
      If you would like a print of this image, please contact us on 01395 513383 and we will get you sorted.

      • hazel carbery at 12:08 pm

        Hi Charlotte, we also love the photo of the lower axe valley. Our house is actually on the photo which was printed in the magazine but notice the right hand edge has been cut off in the photo on the website. If we could get a print of the full photo we would love one.

        Kind regards

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