An exciting month for GalleryFAB

An exciting month for GalleryFAB

From October 16th-30th, Devon-based oil painter Simon Fowler will be displaying his paintings with GalleryFAB.  Originally from Bristol, Simon recently moved to Devon with his partner and has been astounded by the beauty of this county.  His oil-based interpretations of stunning local landscapes evoke a sense of whimsy and wanderlust.  Localities in Dartmoor, Teignmouth, and Holden make up much of his subject matter, as well as alluring terrains further afield such as Croatia and France.

Simon’s organic line work and delicate palettes capture the physical truth of these special places, while simultaneously conjuring the sense of awe conveyed through them.  Curving trees, sun-soaked stonework, and lapping waves are all the focus of Simon Fowler’s creative world, based in reality and seen through the eye of a daydream.

Additionally, we will be hosting a vibrant window display of Cosmic Surrealist Michael Shurman’s original artwork.  His far out painting-style, full of satire and symbolism, is impacting and divisive.  Bright, bold and energetic, Michael’s works are sure to catch the eye and spark dialogue.

Be sure to come and visit us at GalleryFAB, 10 Bank Street, Newton Abbot to share in Simon Fowler’s celebration of the natural world and to sneak a peek at Michael Shurman’s unusual take on society.

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