Name change – ‘HubCast’

Name change – ‘HubCast’

If you’re one of the many thousands of organisations using the Hub websites across Devon to promote your events, it’s worthwhile being aware of recent and future changes.

Since Monday, we’ve moved the websites on to a new domain ( and we’ve rewritten the software to work differently, making software architecture changes that will help move the platform across the South West more effectively.  So over the course of the next year, our website names will be changing, but we’ll keep all existing website names for 1 year from this date, after which they will cease.  Sounds a bit confusing, but don’t worry, for most people it’ll make absolutely no difference at all, as the websites are highly ranked in Google, but organisers logging in to add their events would do well to note the changes.

Currently, say for the eastdevon area, you may either type in:    or the new

You can see that the word ‘hub‘ now has the word ‘cast‘ added at the end, resulting in ‘hubcast‘.
So from now on it’s the region ‘eastdevon‘ with a dot and then the word ‘hubcast‘ with at the end, so:

We have a programme of continual improvement for HubCast and we’re always interested to hear from organisations using the platform for promotion, especially in terms of usability of the interface and functionality. Equally, we love to hear from the public – if you have any comments you think are worth making, please get in touch.

HubCast enables Devonshire magazine to display the most extensive What’s On information for any magazine in Devon, although we’re a private company, we also share the What’s On data with many independent publishers across Devon and into Dorset, enabling event organisers to gain unprecedented exposure for very little effort.

The HubCast event broadcasting platform has been totally funded and developed solely by Devonshire magazine.


Nigel Jones (MD)

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