Artist – Simon Cook

Artist – Simon Cook

Images are so multi-faceted: decorative, political, philosophical, spiritual etc.

The work I do now is born from the desire to clarify, to move away from questions and answers and get absorbed in the isness of experience. In an increasingly complex world, the beauty of simplicity can, I think, be of great value.  The sheer depth of joy that colour and light can bring us can be an antidote to these complexities, like a visual haiku.

The techniques I now use facilitate a subtly changing experience.  The colour and light that occur as the work is seen from different view points and times keep the paintings from becoming to solid and fixed.

I live in a place that has unique light and space.  The end  of the garden is the edge of a high cliff, affording a huge view across the sea with all its changing light and reflections.  I try to condense that inner response of wonder and express it on multi-layered surfaces.

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