Book release – Exeter’s Royal Clarence Hotel

Book release – Exeter’s Royal Clarence Hotel

by author Darren Marsh

2017 was the year that one of Devon’s landmarks burnt to the ground. I’d say that many of us were extremely sad to see the coverage on local TV of Exeter’s Royal Clarence Hotel in flames. Exeter, once an architectural ‘jewel in the crown’, has suffered enough over the past century, both at the hands of the German Luftwaffe, but also as a result of insensitive redevelopment following World War II. To lose another of Exeter’s precious historic buildings was another major blow. Parts of the original building dated back to mediaeval times and over the centuries, a beautiful hotel emerged, finally assuming the ‘Royal’ mantle in 1827, when the Duchess of Clarence stayed. Illustrious former visitors include Admiral Nelson, Thomas Hardy, Beatrix Potter, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable amongst others. The hotel was witness to Devon’s last duel of honour.

Author Darren Marsh charts the early years right up to the present day in immense detail, having taken 3 years to research and write. It’s an excellent buy for history buffs or indeed anyone interested in the background to this illustrious hotel. Highly recommended!

ISBN – 9780993017223

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