Book release – Viper’s Blood

Book release – Viper’s Blood

From Devon author David Gilman, Viper’s Blood is the fourth book in his Masters of War Series, with the central figure in the story being Thomas Blackstone. Set in the mid 1300s during the period of the Hundred Years’ War, at a time when the English Plantagenet rulers were at war with the House of Valois, the rulers of France over the succession to the French throne. Although King John of France had been captured by the English forces and had agreed to hand over much of France, his son, the Dauphin, was reluctant to cooperate. The action proceeds across France and finally centres on Paris, where the Dauphin is holed up, English forces being loath to fight their way through the streets of Paris in order to seize control, knowing that a bloodbath would ensue. This book doesn’t fail to deliver and is an entertaining and enjoyable read of the bloodthirsy, action variety.

This hardback’s £18.99

ISBN 9781784974466

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