Bookworm: April & May 16

Bookworm: April & May 16

Gate of the Dead
by David Gilman

This book is the third in David’s of Master of War series.  David Gilman is also a successful screenwriter and for about nine years was the principal writer on A Touch of Frost.  He now lives in Devonshire with his wife Suzy, three cats and an old Landrover.
The central character of his book is Thomas Blackstone, a formidable mercenary in exile who is recalled from Italy to serve the crown once more.  Having fought amid the ceaseless internecine warring of Italy’s city states, Blackstone is recalled to England (travelling through the High Alps in winter) to face the Black Prince in a Tournament at Windsor.  Along the way, he’s shadowed by a notorious assassin with the intention of inflicting maximum pain on his target.
If you enjoy the historically placed ‘action’ type genre of book, then you will find Gate of the Dead a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read.


Mission of Mercy
by George Budge

George Budge’s a Plymouth lad, educated at Efford Secondary Modern School. George by his own admission said “my school days were like going to a shop to buy bread, and coming out of the shop with an empty bag’ – an honest admission and subsequently George worked as an HGV driver for most of his working life, later becoming a voluntary driver for the International Red Cross which ultimately brought him into contact with warzone conflict and furnished George with many real-life experiences.
The book relates to his time driving as a volunteer during the Balkans Conflict and talks directly about families devastated by the conflict.  Also featured are letters that George received from the Serbian Red Cross.
An interesting perspective from this troubled time, many unique references to the ethnic conflicts within the Balkans .  An interesting personal account.

ISBN 9781784554248

Wild Swimming – Walks
by Sophie Pierce and Matt Newbury

An interesting concept in terms of walks books, combining an optional swim en route.  In this day and age of digital devices, it’s certainly a great idea if you have young families, and want to fully engage them with the great outdoors.  A swim’s certainly something very welcome on a hot summer walk. The format’s attractive, with lots of social/natural history references, walk maps, and many colour photos of swimming locations including ones of people actively enjoying their swim.  It’s obviously a summertime book and I’d say that to ensure a successful walk, the maps would need to be referenced against an OS map and actually, you could leave the book in the car once parked up and take the OS map with you.  Much work’s been done here in terms of research, allowing you to access the countryside in a great way.  The book contains 28 lake, river and beach days out and I’d say that although it’s not cheap at £14.99, it’s well worth the money for the enjoyment and days out you can gain from it.

ISBN 9781910636077

Devon Railways
by Mike Clement and Ted Gosling

A compilation of photos and accompanying mini-descriptions recounting the great days of the railways in Devon.  For many holiday-makers it will bring back fond memories of  trips to the seaside resorts and many of the old pictures are of steam trains.  The lines were operated by Great Western and the London and South Western railways.  This book comprises the work of both amateur and professional photographers and reveals glimpses of stations and the people who worked on the lines.  There are over 200 photographs charting the changes in railway networks before and after the Beeching Report in 1963.
Compiled and written by Ted Gosling and Mike Clement, for the railway fans out there, it’s a veritable treasure trove of imagery and information.

 ISBN 9780752452135

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