Buddle’s butterfly heaven

Buddle’s butterfly heaven

SUMMER IS BUTTERFLY HEAVEN IN DEVON which has 39 resident butterfly species. But you will need to be  highly mobile or very lucky to see them all in one place or at one time.

But the alternative might be to simply set up your deckchair alongside those plants best-loved by butterflies and wait it out. First choice of Devon’s butterflies of course is the Buddleia or butterfly bush – but you’ll need to wait for August for that to bloom.

But other nectar-full favourites of butterflies hereabouts are Ice Plants, Lavender, Michaelmas Daisy, Marjoram, Red Valerian, Aubretia, Field Scabious and French Marigold. So get planting.

And Buddleia – for the benefit of those of the saloon bar of the Weary Badger (somewhere in Devon) – who thought otherwise, Buddleia has nothing to do with Devon’s Budleigh Salterton but is named after a 17th century botanist.

The Reverent Adam Buddle, spent his life in the countryside but is buried at St. Andrew’s Church, Holborn, where the several Buddleia bushes in the surrounds continue to work their magic near his resting place, year upon year.

www.butterfly-conservation.org/253/devon-branch.html will tell you where and when to spot all of Devon’s  extraordinary ‘flying flowers’.  All 39 of them.

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