Devonshire residents are investing in their homes

Devonshire residents are investing in their homes

It’s true, considering money held in the building society would earn you just 1% (approx), it makes total sense to improve and upgrade your property because the capital gain is proving to be much higher.

It seems that this is what Devon residents are doing, improving their home, commissioning new extensions, conservatories, etc, the list goes on. And it shouldn’t be forgotten a new orangery, kitchen, bathroom, etc, can be enjoyed every day!

Prestige Media are launching the HOME DESIGN YEARBOOK for Devon, devised to help the public with what generally is an extremely difficult task, that is of sourcing mainstream, reputable companies to help them with their home project.  Our research has shown that there is a demand for this type of information, but the internet provides an extremely poor offering for homeowners because of the sheer volume of results delivered, many of which are low-grade.

The Home Design Yearbook will enable both the public and professionals within the sector to quickly find the main operators within each home category.  It tackles each home category in a clear, engaging way, and allows companies to showcase their professional services in a visually engaging format.  If you’ve experienced the burden of sifting millions of internet search results, you’ll realise just how welcome this professional guide will be for users.

If your company is engaged within the home sector, this new Yearbook provides a great format to showcase your company and its services to a wide audience.  There are a range of options available to your business within the Yearbook, please speak to Hannah Trim on 01395 513383 or email

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