Devonshire’s Yarcombe Terrier Racing results

Devonshire’s Yarcombe Terrier Racing results

A promising result from Devonshire’s Jack and Alfie.

Sometimes you have to be content to make slow but sure progress, and indeed such was the case at the 2017 Yarcombe Terrier Racing event this year where Devonshire magazine’s entrants, Jack and Alfie Jones, improved their result by a single position, resulting in them both coming second-from-last. The poor showing was again down to facing the wrong way in the trap, a major problem that Alfie swiftly recovered, but by which time it was pretty much over. However, progress was made over and above last year’s result and it’s hoped Alfie will eventually overcome his directional problem, possibly to win in another couple of years?  Jack Jones has now been retired out of the races due to old age.

The videos below show the races where both Alfie and Jack appeared.

Yarcombe Terrier Racing

Parading the dogs, Helen Jones with Alfie in the foreground

Jack Jones (seen on the far right)

Alfie Jones (see fifth from left)

Yarcombe Terrier Racing

Yarcombe Terrier Races, the finishing line, note the dog mid right of photo in mid-air


Spectating - Guy Peters, Clare Thompson and Helen Jones

Spectating – Broadcaster and writer Guy Peters with beer in hand, Clare Thompson and Helen Jones


Yarcombe Terrier Racing photo

Devonshire magazine’s entrant, Alfie Jones, fourth from right, sporting the purple ribbon


Devonshire's Jack Jones

Jack in far right position, ready for action

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