Exploring the limestones of South Devon

Exploring the limestones of South Devon

“Created when Britain lay south of the Equator, Devon’s ancient limestones are as exciting and interesting as any rocks in the British Isles.  And so are the caves which have been formed in the rocks by the action of water over hundreds of thousands of years.  Over the last two centuries of research, these caves have yielded up a vast store of information about our past climates and about the people, animals and plants that once inhabited this part of Britain.

“The walks in this booklet are packed full of interest and information.  They are described in great detail and you can use the booklet to explore parts of Devon that you might ordinarily miss, combining the walks in ways to suit yourself.  Better still, the walks provide a healthy antidote to holiday over-indulgence and good exercise for both mind and body.

Written and produced by knowledgeable authors, this is a small book to treasure”.

The featured image above is Berry Head, Brixham, an area consisting of limestone from the Middle Devonian period.

Earlier this year, The Devonshire magazine visited Chudleigh’s Rock Gardens. Click here to see the article.

You can purchase this book and view other publications by the William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust here:

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