Fantastic news for 2019

Fantastic news for 2019

We have great news to tell you about Devonshire magazine
The magazine is now fully digital – hurrah!

Why have we moved to fully digital and ceased printing the magazine you may well ask?
Here are the main reasons:

  • The ability to reach a massively increased audience as we’re no longer restricted to how many we print, and where they’re available. Our last 2 issues of the digital magazine achieved 815k and 772k reads! We can reach ALL of Devon, indeed, ALL of the UK and even further afield.
  • Lower advert pricing – print advertising was getting really expensive, with plastic being the dirty word, food packagers now require much more wood pulp, a major constituent of printed paper.
  • Minimising our eco footprint – dragging 42 tons of print across Devon each year was undoubtedly environmentally damaging.

Essentially, we’re ready to help you exploit the massive opportunities of the digital world. We’re engaging and posting on our three social media channels every day of the year (this will rise to 7 channels shortly), we also have other key web channels to remind, engage, and build audiences established on a permanent basis. Devonshire magazine is at the epicentre of all this traffic, and the reading figures we’re achieving fully backs up the proactive digital strategy that we’ve rolled out. See more on our channels click here.

If you have any queries, please talk to Nigel Jones or Charlotte Fergie on 01395 513383

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