Get promoting your events with HUBCAST

Get promoting your events with HUBCAST

Now the weather’s warming up and the days are lighter, event organisers will be getting whipped up into a frenzy of activity, there’s just so much to do when it comes to staging an event.

One of the most important activities has to be the promotion of your event, there’s no point in having a fantastic, all-singing, all-dancing event if nobody turns up, so promotion is vital.  Here at HUBCAST, we can tell you that we do our utmost to provide you with professional grade event promotion, both free, through our websites in Devon, and also in terms of the print exposure – there really is nothing better than print when it comes to getting the message over the potential event visitors.  Don’t forget, since last October we now publish a WHAT’S ON magazine, available at 1,100 outlets across the county.  HUBCAST is the only Online and Offline enabled promotion platform in Devon, there’s nothing remotely comparable.

If you really want to give your promotion a boost, don’t miss our exceptional SkyRocket bundle:

Virtually 1/2 price promotion for your Devon events



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Nigel has been publishing magazines since 1995 (some 20+ years now). Passionate about our countryside and heritage, the magazines reflect this interest. Nigel's the Editor of the DEVONSHIRE magazine which he established in 2009 and founder of the innovative HUBCAST event promotion platform which launched in 2011