Staycation: Glazebrook House

Staycation: Glazebrook House

Glazebrook House is a riot of design flair, staying at the hotel is a sensory experience, both funky and relaxing!

In Devon there are many beautiful and eclectic country house hotels.  Indeed,  nothing so delightful as nipping off for several nights to treat yourself in some unexplored hotel you’ve yet to visit.

A conversation with Chloe Ackland at Glazebrook House led to a Staycation review being arranged for Devonshire magazine recently.

Glazebrook House is situated off the A38 Expressway, just several miles past Buckfastleigh driving towards Plymouth. Extremely easy to reach and situated with some really beautiful countryside behind it.

The most important room in the hotel during the night. What a bedroom!

The word ‘boutique’ is liberally bandied about these days. I’m not so sure it’s well-chosen most of the time, but with Glazebrook House, ‘boutique’ is the perfect word to describe the experience this fine hotel provides.

Glazebrook's design is visually stimulating throughout
Much fun and whimsy go to make for an entertaining, luxurious stay

If you don’t like bland and boring, then Glazebrook will suit you very well. As you can see from our photos, visually stimulation is there around every corner. The hotel is absolutely full of surprises and the level of opulence, particularly in the bedrooms is impressive.

Any hotel stay can be destroyed by poor food and drink provision, some places I’ve visited have been almost criminal in their neglect. If you’re visiting Glazebrook, I cannot fail to see how you’d be less than delighted with their food and drink offering. It’s worth visiting for this aspect alone, they obviously really do care about your dining experience.

Top marks to all the team at Glazebrook, keep up the good work!

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