Glimpses of Chagford

Glimpses of Chagford

Chagford is a delightful little town on the north east edge Dartmoor, actually it’s an old Stannary town and a bit of a gem in many ways, the architecture of the buildings provides excellent representation of the many centuries of this town’s existence.  There’s no escaping granite here, a classic example being the Three Crowns which appears to have been hewn from the bedrock.

Devonshire Dairy at Chagford

Devonshire Dairy at Chagford.  What could be more culturally authentic than a Devonshire dairy. Milk, cheese, butter, butter milk were all important food stuffs in days gone by, capable of being produced right on the doorstop.


Chagford's old churchyard

Chagford’s old churchyard – A glimpse through the churchyard to the Three Crowns in March, the trees still bare and crows nests dotting the crown.


Memorial in Chagford's church

Memorial in Chagford’s church – An interesting mediaeval frieze in the church of St Michael the Archangel, part of a an extremely ornate burial monument. The church is well worth a visit and please make sure you leave a donation to help with maintenance.


Chagford's surrounding countryside

Chagford’s surrounding countryside – A view out across the valley from the churchyard. It reminds one that the surrounding countryside is beautiful and worthy of discovery.


Chagford's St Michael the Archangel church - mediaeval plaque

Chagford’s St Michael the Archangel church – A painted plaque in the church. There was a time when ennoblement was taken very seriously, the allusion to illustrious ancestry was embroidered upon with much heraldic symbolism. Around the late 1600 and through the 1700s is where those ornate burial flagstones in churches occur, bearing coats of arms.


Chagford's ancient Bishops House

Chagford’s ancient Bishops House – sporting an unusual jettied porch, apparently, a fire in May 1970 ravaged through Chagford, but valiant efforts by residents helped save this unique property from destruction.


The old cross in the churchyard at Chagford

The old cross in the churchyard at Chagford – well, the top bit at least. At some point in history many ancient crosses were destroyed, many by puritans in the 1600s who considered these crosses to be idolatrous, many were also used as farm gate posts.


The old market building at Chagford

The old market building at Chagford – situated in the Square, Chagford’s a Stannary Town, one of four chartered in 1305, where tin was brought down to be assayed and stamped. Lorna Doone – Mary Whiddon contains a memorial to Mary, and it’s believed that her violent death is the inspiration behind the Lorna Doone novel.

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