Greenfingers 40 years on…

Greenfingers 40 years on…

Greenfingers was never part of the original plan for Geoff and Trisha. They arrived in a cattle transporter from living and working on a farm in Yorkshire after seeing a derelict piece of land while on holiday in Devon. Geoff and Trisha moved to Devon with a dream after realising the three acre farm was a possibility. Geoff says, “my Father in law was a builder so converting the barn into a house was right up his street. I remember his words well as we took the roof off  ‘all we need is one week without rain’, it did not rain for 5 months… the year was 1976. Our project to grow vegetables to sell from a farm shop was almost stillborn.

Three children under five years old, a shop to open and vegetables and fruit to grow – this was a very big ask. It did not daunt us and with the optimism and enthusiasm of youth, Tricia and I set about the task. Now 40 years later we still meet some of those original customers without their support we would not be here today.

The farm shop lasted ten years, then Tesco came to town and like a lot of other small retailers we almost disappeared. With some good fortune we managed to make the change from selling food to selling plants and Greenfingers was born.”

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