Virtually 1/2 price promotion for your Devon events

Virtually 1/2 price promotion for your Devon events

It’s true, our SkyRocket package allows you to access the LARGEST (and ONLY) DEDICATED EVENT PROMOTION NETWORK AVAILABLE IN DEVON for approximately 1/2 the price of buying individually.

With SkyRocket you get:

  1. An advert in DEVONSHIRE magazine’s What’s On section – Devon’s largest circulation glossy with 900 outlets across the county.
  2. An advert in WHAT’S ON and THINGS TO DO magazine for Devon – distributed to an amazing 1,100 outlets across Devon, targeted specifically to venues, theatres, attractions, etc.
  3. A PREMIUM EVENT PROMOTION slot within our HUBCAST event promotion websites, ensuring your event appears at the top of your chosen website for the 7 days approaching your event start, then a further 7 days of the event. HUBCAST websites are on desktop, tablet, and there’s a dedicated, powerful, fast-loading smartphone version (no need to download an App, it’s instant). See Premium Event Promotion here

If you wish to discuss the promotion of your event/s
please talk to our Sales Executive Hannah Trim on:
01395 513383 option 1
or email on:



Devonshire magazine has spent the past 6 years and made a major long-term investment in order to create the totally unique HUBCAST websites. You’d be wrong in thinking they’re just html web pages, HUBCAST is a very complex, bespoke software system.

Nigel Jones MD of Devonshire magazine

Nigel Jones MD of Devonshire magazine

Without wishing to overload you with technical detail, there’s nothing remotely comparable to HUBCAST in the UK with regard to the functions that this unique software system provides. Critically, what it allows event organsisers to do is promote events totally free on the HUBCAST websites, and gives event promoters the chance to access print-based magazine listings of independent publishers across the county.  Additionally, HUBCAST has made visible a diverse range of events from the largest festivals to the smallest charity, club, society and village event, many of which didn’t previously have access to professional level promotion, as the majority of existing websites containing event information are either tourist based or ticketed portals, many with a closed-door policy.

To provide organisations with increased event exposure, HUBCAST allows independent magazine publishers to log in to our web server and via our Event Download Admin Console to extract event information, allowing them to populate their magazine event listings sections, this is provided totally free-of-charge, to ensure organisations gain the maximum exposure for their events from their use of HUBCAST.  For publishers this is a boone, for instance Devonshire magazine has within 3 clicks, been able to download 650 events into a single magazine issue in about a minute, something that manually collated would take several days to collate and format, which would be very costly.  Additionally, because times and dates are entered by the organisation directly, they have total control, ensuring there are no errors with this critical information. Nigel Jones, the MD,  has been publishing magazines in Devon continuously for the past 22 years and recognises how important high quality events are to our county, both to the economy but also to our society in general.  He says “What I’ve learnt over the past 22 years is just how important good quality events are to our local communities and also to tourism.  I know from first hand experience what’s required to stage a successful event, it’s also true to say that many people involved in this process participate purely out of the kindness of their heart and demonstrate immense community spirit, giving their time and effort freely.  These events enrich our communities and the organisations staging them should be helped in any way possible to achieve their aims.

Events in Devon

HUBCAST has literally opened the door to all the community, club, society, charity and village events as well as being the one-stop-shop to see what’s on across Devon in great detail. The breadth of events, from the smallest to the biggest, is unique in Devon.  Don’t miss trying out the dedicated smartphone version of HUBCAST, no tiresome App to download, it’s instant.

We’ve recently re-developed our mobile version of HUBCAST which is particularly important as half of our traffic is mobile based. Having a dedicated mobile version of HUBCAST also removes the tiresome requirement for the public to download and install an App, the mobile version of HUBCAST is instantly available.  Desktop – we’re shortly about to release our 2nd re-skin of the original desktop/tablet version of HUBCAST in the next couple of months.  Development continues, and now with the New WHAT’S ON and WHERE TO GO magazine for Devon launching in late October 17, the professional grade event promotion platform is reaching maturity.  We continue to provide free software support as we have done for the past 6 years.

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