Halloween’s here!

Halloween’s here!

spidOtherwise known as All Hallows’ Eve, we think of this annual event as an American concoction, but it has deep roots in Christianity and it’s widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic Harvest Festivals that were Christianized into Halloween.  Halloween occurs on the previous night to the feast of All Hallows’ Day and is part of All Hallow Tide, which is a 3 day observance dedicated to the memory of saints (hallows), martyrs and the dead.

It’s certainly time to retrieve gruesome face masks from cupboards in readiness for the young ones to wear. You’ll also want to go out and buy pumpkins for a spot of carving! You may even want to take your children Trick or Treating, it’s all great fun for the children. Don’t forget to visit HubCast.co.uk for Halloween events.

One of the additions we’re working on with regard to HubCast currently, is event tagging for seasonal events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. In fact, there are many great new developments in the HubCast pipeline for release in 2017 as we continue to develop this platform.


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