Help with your company’s Online Marketing

Help with your company’s Online Marketing

Are you managing to keep up to date with the latest developments in digital marketing?

Facebook, Twitter and others are continuously introducing new features to stimulate more usage by their customers. Just in the past three months, Google AdWords has introduced a number of changes that you should be aware about if you spend money on Pay Per Click.

For example, this year Google AdWords have introduced an additional line of text you can use on an advert, they have added a 4th paid Ad on their home page results (pushing organic downwards) and developed enhancement features such as displaying site links.  All of these features improve your advertisement, making it bigger, more informative, and more likely to be seen.

You can only exploit these new opportunities if you know they exist. If you respond more quickly than the competition, their ad becomes weaker and you make more money.

That is a benefit of a monthly support package from a specialist. Part of my role is to keep up to date with the technology and know immediately when changes are introduced. That gives you an advantage over the competition.

I take on the responsibility for your online marketing and ensure it never loses momentum. Working together, we generate new ideas using social media, website content, search engine optimisation and email marketing. I implement those changes for you using software that I use every day, saving your time and ensuring everything is working fine.

I then review performance with you once a month to make sure the results are positive.

I was asked this month what the benefits are of using an external specialist to take control of the marketing process, rather than recruiting internally.  An essential element of this work is transferring knowledge and I frequently work with business owners and marketing managers to pass on the skills needed to replace my activity.

I rarely have a customer for more than six months, as I implement the systems needed to boost digital marketing performance and pass on the knowledge needed to replace me.

If you would like me to review your digital marketing performance, no obligation and for free, please send a message using the following contact details:

Elliot Forte VoucherElliot Forte has worked in business consultancy for over 20 years, helping over two thousand businesses improve marketing performance, online and offline. He is one of just a handful of experts appointed by the Government’s Superfast scheme, winning this contract in September of this year. He has personally built hundreds of websites and is a business author of two five-star reviewed books on Amazon, ‘Intervention’ and ‘Game Change Your Business Performance’.


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