Hocus pocus, diplodocus

Hocus pocus, diplodocus

IF SOMEONE IN DEVON CAN CONJURE UP a space big enough to show it off properly, the likelihood of the Natural History Museum’s famous diplodocus skeleton – aka ‘Dippy’ – adding Devon to its list of regional stop-overs when his grand tour of the UK starts in two years time is “good”.

Dippy is being moved from the main gallery at the NHM to make room for another giant, this time the blue whale. A spokesperson for the NHM told us, “Once it leaves Hintze Hall in 2017, taking the Diplodocus on tour would inspire many more millions of people and, given the public response, we will now see how we can involve people in making this tour happen.”

“Due to the fragility and size of the skeleton, it will take time for the Museum to work out how and where the Diplodocus may tour. Made up of 292 bones, fully assembled Dippy is the length of three double-decker buses.

And after the planned tour? “Dippy is destined to find a new home back in South Kensington,” we were told, but hopefully after a visit to Devon rather than, say, Dorset, where a former quarry on the Isle of Portland, is currently being investigated as the site for an £85m Jurassic Park.

Feature photo: Natural History Museum, London

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