Horn’s Cross on Holne Moor

Horn’s Cross on Holne Moor

On my travels across Devon gathering photographic content for Devonshire magazine, I’m lucky to see much of great interest. No matter where I roam, I seem to come across ancient stone crosses, sometimes in the most unlikely places. Horn’s Cross (above), which I happened upon by chance whilst searching for a stone row on Holne Moor, Dartmoor (near Venford Reservoir) stands forlornly in the middle of nowhere, although its position is at the intersection of two trans-moor tracks.

Horn's Cross, Dartmoor - on Holne Moor

Horn’s Cross, Dartmoor – on Holne Moor

Standing at the cross and looking in all directions you feel the bleakness, with just sheep and birds for company (see photo below). In previous centuries Christianity reigned supreme in Britain, its influence is indelibly written across our landscape.

Horn's Cross, Dartmoor - sheep

Sheep at Horn’s Cross, Dartmoor, Devon

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