How to get your events into Devonshire magazine

How to get your events into Devonshire magazine

There are now well over 5,000 organisations across Devon and West Dorset now using HubCast to promote their events to the public.

If you still haven’t tried out this innovative system to gain promotion for your events, then you’re undoubtedly missing out. It’s very simple to use and once you’ve logged in and added several events you’ll realise how easy it is to access this immensely powerful platform. Don’t forget that we enable local independent publishers to also use this information for their event listings.

The only way to get events into Devonshire magazine is to add them to, Devon’s dedicated events website.  HubCast was created for the very purpose of giving local people the chance to truly find out what events were on in their area, and to enable us to bring all these wonderful events down into our What’s On pages. Of course we can’t guarantee events as there simply isn’t the space, but if you’d really like to have your event featured, you can call Hannah on 01395 513383 and choose Option 1

How to add events

Click the Add Events/Login button to start adding events

To get started, please go to  If you’re already registered, then login and add your events (see image – right). If you are not registered, please click here and we’ll get you setup and ready to go as soon as possible.

NB: the deadline for the December/January issue of the magazine is the 10th November.  Please send your event images to

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