Last of a generation – John Chancellor

Last of a generation – John Chancellor

With 30 years’ experience at sea, there are few maritime artists like John Chancellor, who could paint a scene with such feeling and accuracy, knowing every aspect of the seas conditions at a given moment.

John was one of the last generation of men to be involved in sailing as a means of transport an many of the vessels and characters who sailed on them were from memory. His paintings were accompanied by notes to explain the event in the picture, making the scene come to life and to give the viewer a deeper understanding of the skills needed by the seamen portrayed.

John’s death in April 1984 at the age of 59, deprived the world of one of its most talented and extraordinary artists. He painted professionally for only 14 years, and had produced only 70 oils and 60 watercolours.

For details of limited edition prints visit his daughter’s website:
John Chancellor

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