We’re old, but new!

In 2019 Devonshire magazine fully embraces digital, reaching out to a massive and ever-expanding digital audience

You’re probably wondering why such a popular magazine has moved to being fully digital, forever consigning our print version to the scrap heap?

The reality is that it wasn’t just one single reason alone, more that there were many, each one advantageous, not least of which being that the digital audience is massive and continues to expand outwards, whilst the print audience has in reality been contracting for the past 10+ years.

Devonshire magazine has always been about quality of content – undoubtedly it’s why we’ve gained such a loyal readership
over the years

Sure, it’s a sad thing to see print disappear, it’s a luxury format, and in reality is centuries old, but digital has changed the landscape permanently and it isn’t ever going back.

But the positives – there are many, not least of which is that we no longer need to drag 42 tons of print all over Devon in cars.  The recycling of this much paper has an impact, the energy required, chemicals, water that’s not to mention all the fuel used in delivery.  This has never sat well with me, living in such a beautiful county, but polluting – no, not great to consider.

Another major positive is the fact that we can reach out across Devon, the South West, UK and indeed World.  Print meant that we were physically restricted to the number of copies printed that were available at outlets – no longer!  Over the past 10 years we regularly received many phone calls from avid readers, eager to get their copy, but being thwarted by the demand for this rich Devon themed magazine.  Of course our natural response was to say that they should go to one of the 900 outlets to receive a copy, but the better answer was to not even have to take the car off the drive, just to lift up their tablet to read the magazine directly from their lounge over a coffee!  Digital also means that we can add much more content and have a more ‘open door’ policy on bringing content into the magazine – previously we had to be extremely cautious because adding in a new column meant a new 8 or 16 page section being added – expensive to say the least.

Hope you enjoy the ‘new’ mag and please send us your feedback.

About the company

We’re a small company of three people all living and working in Devon and indeed, passionate about all things Devon – we’re passionate about our lovely county. The company is run by Nigel Jones who’s been publishing in Devon for over 23 years. Over this time he’s been closely involved with every aspect of the business, from marketing to production, design, layout, photoshop, photography and sales. He has a wealth of experience and is always happy to talk to businesses and give advice on the marketing of their business, especially if they’re new to this discipline.

We produce a ‘proper’ magazine for Devon and although we’re funded solely by advertising, we endeavour to provide the best content for the magazine we can. I’m confident in saying that many people really love the magazine and when our delivery people take the magazines to our 900+ outlets, they’re pretty much gone within about 3 days. We particularly like to feature towns, villages, architecture, wildlife, local history, countryside, local events and anything interesting and unusual. We’re fairly traditional in our content and find that the public identify the magazine as one they don’t just look at but can actually read! We also like to think that our photographic content is of a high order and receive much feedback on this aspect of the magazine.