New Development Officer for HubCast

New Development Officer for HubCast

As part of Devonshire magazine’s long-term commitment to the innovative HubCast What’s On platform, we’ve recently appointed Jenny Jones as Development Officer to assist with HubCast network growth across the South West and beyond. Jenny’s role will be to assist organisations get the most out of the multi layered promotion that HubCast’s innovative event promotion engine provides.

Great new developments coming on stream this year are a county level website for Devon (for use in additional counties also), which will gather information on major events from across the existing 7 regional websites in Devon. If you’re a user of HubCast’s websites in Devon, you’ll know that they provide the deepest levels of event information currently available. This will ensure that our county level website  has the comprehensive information available to the public – bar none!  Additionally, we’re due to release an improved mobile version with increased functionality – particularly important as Google Analytics shows that over 50% of HubCast traffic is through mobile devices.

Currently (Sept 16) we’re completing coverage of Dorset, with 2 new websites on stream within the next couple of weeks, after which we’ll be adding a website for Bristol, as well as ones for Cornwall and Somerset.

We’re also going to be adding a mini image library for organisations, where they can store 5 of their event images to enable easy re-use.  Additionally, we’re in talks with many magazine publishers in terms of providing event data to them for their magazine What’s On listings. This will augment HubCast’s existing list of affiliate publishers.

Your feedback is welcome, if you have anything that you feel we need to be aware of in terms of usability/functionality, we’d be pleased to hear from you.

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