North Devon should never be forgotten!

North Devon should never be forgotten!

The great news for our North Devon readers is that since February 2016 we’ve had a regular Barnstaple delivery round for the magazine. Pictured above is Wayne Clifton, one of the partners at estate agents Bond Oxborough Phillips holding a copy of the magazine.

At Devonshire magazine, we often get the feeling that people just don’t believe we have a 900 outlet network in place for the magazine. It’s very odd, although we’re not surprised, there are so many publishing houses making wild claims. But it is indeed the case – our coverage of Devon is massive, and you can see each and every outlet on the Outlet Google Map within our website here.

You’re invited to phone any one of the outlets if you’d like to verify where you can get your free copy. You are also able to subscribe, both to our digital magazine (which is totally free and available online immediately) and to the paper magazine at a cost of £15 per annum. This will ensure you get your copy delivered to the door without fail. We are finding increasingly, that the demand for the magazine is such that many people are happy to subscribe to avoid disappointment.

If you’re a retailer, be aware that outlets value being stockists of the magazine because they find it brings increased footfall due to the public coming in to pick up a copy. Currently, we cannot take on any more outlets, but if you wish to become one, we can add you to the list when we carry out our next annual outlet review.

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