Sidmouth - downstream view

Sidmouth - Byes, up from toll gate

Sidmouth - Byes, winter stroll

Sidmouth - old toll house at end of Byes

Sidmouth - Jack enjoying the waterfall in Byes

Sidmouth - autumn colours in the Byes

Sidmouth - river Woolbrook meets river Sid

Sidmouth - Byes autumn colour

Sidmouth - old toll gate, Byes

Sidmouth - weir, just up from toll gate

Sidmouth - snowdrops in the Byes

Sidmouth - autumn glow

Sidmouth - river Sid floods 2013

Sidmouth - Byes autumn light

Sidmouth - Byes autumn glow

Sidmouth - strolling down the Byes

Sidmouth - footbridge at Byes

Sidmouth - The weir

Sidmouth - the Ford

Sidmouth - Old Fore Street

Sidmouth - Indoor Market

Sidmouth - museum

Sidmouth - coast road

Sidmouth - bottom of Byes looking towards Radway

Sidmouth - church

Sidmouth - The Old Chancel

Sidmouth - Fortfield Place

Sidmouth - Kennaway House

Sidmouth - Mocha Restaurant

Sidmouth - fishermen

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