Premium Event Promotion – HUBCAST

Premium Event Promotion on HUBCAST

Accessing top level promotion for your event is vital, particularly when you consider the resources and effort that go into staging an event.

HUBCAST mobile phone version

HUBCAST mobile phone version

Here at HUBCAST we’ve been busy ensuring that you are able to tap into the power of this platform and get your event seen at the very top of this high-traffic website network.  So now, when you upgrade your event to PREMIUM EVENT PROMOTION (PEP), you are able to tap into top-level exposure on both the desktop and mobile variants simultaneously.

Above shows PEP on the desktop version, and on the right you can see PEP on the new mobile version.


What you get:

  • TOP LEVEL POSITIONING on the regional websites of your choice for the 7 days running up to your start date and additionally for 7 days into the event.
  • FULL WIDTH BANNER and links for video, facebook, twitter as well as a Google map of the event location.
  • Direct link to your own website.
  • Single click so the public can see all your organisation’s events in a single stream.
  • Permanently and immediate exposure within the event category – for instance, when you categorise your event (say within Art Exhibitions), then your PEP will show immediately under Art Exhibitions in date order, so, if you’ve added it a year in advance, you will gain a year of exposure!

And don’t forget that adding events into HUBCAST also means you could get your event into DEVONSHIRE magazine’s comprehensive What’s On listings section as well as in listings of other affiliate magazines.  Also, you may not be aware of SCHEMA, but compatibility is built into HUBCAST, ensuring efficient search engine indexing also occurs when you add events.  Read more about Schema here.


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