Food Review – Cosy Club, Exeter

Food Review – Cosy Club, Exeter

Hospital food’s never been so good!

It’s not everyday you enjoy hospital food, but at the Cosy Club, this was the case, great food and a glowing interior that supported a buzzing, cool ambiance (the Cosy Club’s situated in an old hospital in Southernhay Gardens).

Initially on scanning the menu, I’d mentally discounted what to expect from the food offerings, it’s appeared to be a restricted menu, but with somehow all the mains and starters seemed to be of interest – you know how it is, many times you can pick up the menu and fail to be inspired, but not so here.

Cosy Club - starters

Cosy Club – starters

To kick off, Garlic Tiger Prawns and also Avocado, Tomato & Chilli Dip starters where chosen, all in a ‘Tapas’ theme, so smaller portions allowing you to mix and match.

Top marks here, both provided a delicious introduction to the meal ahead. We’d ordered the house Merlot by the glass, this was obviously a cheap wine, being harsh – there’s no excuse these days for pushing poor quality wines on paying customers. It was duly sent back – they returned with a South African red that they’d recently added to their range, which was far superior and palatable. Be prepared to ask for a sample before committing to a glass of wine (you probably do so already), in order to avoid being landed with something that will probably upset your meal, especially with some food outlets in Exeter pushing £14 glasses of red wine recently.

Thai Veggie Burger, Roasted Chicken Breast and Oriental Sesame Noodles

Thai Veggie Burger, Roasted Chicken Breast and Oriental Sesame Noodles

We decided to try the Thai Veggie Burger for our vegan friends, and it has to be said that even for a non-vegan, it was tasty and enjoyable.

The other mains tasted were the Roast Chicken Breast and Oriental Sesame Noodles, the chicken meal was lovely, but special mention goes to the Oriental Sesame Noodles which had smoky, deep flavours, it was a truly lovely dish, top marks! Editor

Cosy Club - dining room

Cosy Club – dining room

Postscript – sadly, the Oriental Sesame Noodles have been taken off the menu – I’d consider this a major blunder, as it was the most enjoyable main course sampled.

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