Support your local town – SHOP LOCAL

Support your local town – SHOP LOCAL

Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones (Editor)

YES, WE ALL DO IT – shop online that is.  The internet has changed the retail landscape forever, that’s not to say we cannot still have our vibrant local towns.  Just imagine going down to your town to do a bit of shopping and lunch, only to find that there weren’t any shops, apart from charity ones, what a bleak and depressing prospect.

It’s quite possible that this can happen to your town and once it does, the community loses it’s central heart permanently.  If you’ve ever been to a town where the shops have gone, leaving empty boarded-up windows, then you’ll know what a long-term effect this has on the community.

What’s most disturbing is that our Government doesn’t appear to value our High Street retail sector, indeed compared to internet companies, our High Street is at a distinct disadvantage from a business trading point of view.  You’ll have seen some of the news items telling us how little tax the internet trading giants pay, a disgrace really, but with representatives from these internet companies courting our politicians through lucrative consultancies at Westminster, there’s no surprise here!

What compounds the Government’s unsympathetic approach to our High Street business sector is undoubtedly local council parking policy, aggressive enforcement, etc, not a great recipe, something really should be done to help our local traders.

That brings me to what we can do about this imbalance. It’s simple, just ensure you use your local shops when possible, make an occasion of it – have lunch afterwards with friends and family, something you cannot do on the internet.

Shops need to do their best to be interesting, friendly and need to have a specific place in the community, but equally, we need to lend our support by making a concerted effort to take the family down town for a spot of Christmas shopping.

Five years on and Devonshire magazine are again running their popular SHOP LOCAL campaign, devised and funded by them to help support Devon’s retail businesses.


Hannah Trim


Our upcoming Christmas Issue will feature events, gifts, food, drink and more – all from our wonderful local Devon businesses.  If you’re interested in promoting your business during this run-up to Christmas, call Hannah on 01395 513383 or email her at



We have printed posters that remind people about shopping locally, they’re high quality, laminated on both sides and fade free, so will look smart in your window for a very long time.

If you’d like one or two copies for your shop window, please email: – we’re only charging for postage at cost, so don’t miss this great opportunity!

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to become involved in the scheme as a retailer, please contact us here


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