SHOP LOCAL –  supporting your local town

SHOP LOCAL – supporting your local town

It’s been a great summer this year and I don’t doubt you’ve enjoyed your local town, nipping in for a coffee, lunch and perhaps a spot of shopping. We do take our local businesses for granted though, they provide great service and help keep our towns vibrant, rewarding and interesting places to spend our leisure time.

We all want to keep our towns alive and it’s great to think that by just spending money locally, we can provide the support needed to help things along – community spirit is strong, we just need to remind people about the great local, independent shops on their doorstep.

The Festive Season is now approaching fast, so please don’t forget that the money you spend online or at retail parks generally gets lost to your local economy, and with it the ability to help your town.

Let’s all SHOP LOCAL!

New brands and refurbished departments at Austins, Newton Abbot. See here


The scheme was initiated and funded by The Devonshire magazine in October this year (2014), with the intention of reminding residents of the value of spending their money conscientiously.
Many shop window posters have been delivered and are now displayed across Devon, we’ve also promoted the scheme within the magazines we produce and also across the 4 HUB What’s On websites we run and have recently gained support from a range of Chambers of Commerce across Devon and also the scheme’s supported recently by East Devon District Council. Due to workload, we haven’t had time to build support, but we’d like to start early in 2015 and build a coordinated campaign across the region, so that SHOP LOCAL is a powerful scheme with which to support our local economies. If you wish to have any input, require posters, or can help in any way, please contact Nigel Jones (Editor) on 01395 513383

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