Sidmouth’s Esplanade & Town

Sidmouth - sweeping bays

Sidmouth - from Ladram Bay

Sidmouth - Pennington Point

Sidmouth - Esplanade & Connaught Gardens

Sidmouth - cliffs of Salcombe Hill

Sidmouth - Lyme Bay

Sidmouth - fishing boats

Sidmouth - Pennington Point

Sidmouth - Esplanade from Connaught Gardens

Sidmouth - sailing dinghies

Sidmouth - Esplanade from the groins

Sidmouth - Esplanade looking west

Sidmouth - dinghies on the Ham

Sidmouth - fishing boats on the eastern beach

Sidmouth - deckchairs on Esplanade

Sidmouth - evening sun on Esplanade

Sidmouth - the Esplanade during a storm

Sidmouth - fishermen

Sidmouth - Mocha Restaurant

Sidmouth - Kennaway House

Sidmouth - Fortfield Place

Sidmouth - The Old Chancel

Sidmouth - church

Sidmouth - bottom of Byes looking towards Radway

Sidmouth - coast road

Sidmouth - museum

Sidmouth - Indoor Market

Sidmouth - Old Fore Street

Sidmouth - the Ford


Sidmouth has a charming and thriving town centre which terminates at the Esplanade, which has lovely views across Lyme Bay.  The red sandstone cliffs of this coastline are a unique feature, sweeping up either end of the seafront to Salcombe Hill at the east, and Peak Hill at the western end.

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