The Byes, Sidmouth

Sidmouth - The weir

Sidmouth - footbridge at Byes

Sidmouth - strolling down the Byes

Sidmouth - Byes autumn glow

Sidmouth - Byes autumn light

Sidmouth - river Sid floods 2013

Sidmouth - autumn glow

Sidmouth - snowdrops in the Byes

Sidmouth - weir, just up from toll gate

Sidmouth - old toll gate, Byes

Sidmouth - Byes autumn colour

Sidmouth - river Woolbrook meets river Sid

Sidmouth - autumn colours in the Byes

Sidmouth - Jack enjoying the waterfall in Byes

Sidmouth - old toll house at end of Byes

Sidmouth - Byes, winter stroll

Sidmouth - Byes, up from toll gate

Sidmouth - downstream view

Sidmouth - walking the Byes

Sidmouth - river Sid

Sidmouth - wildflower meadow, Byes

Sidmouth - Byes

Sidmouth - river Sid


A beautiful green corridor that follows the course of the river Sid.  The upper reaches of the Byes gets restricted to footpaths, but the middle and lower stretches contains a range of fields with lots of open space, great if you have dogs, as you can let them off the lead.  There are plenty of bench seats where you can sit and enjoy the views and the river.  There are nature zones and in the summer also a wildflower meadow which is a riot of colour.

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