Ready, steady, go!

Ready, steady, go!

The evenings are opening out, it’s getting warmer – indeed, time again to get busy in your garden

There’s great excitement at the start of the new growing season, the long dreary winter months start to fade and as you take a local walk, you’ll see catkins on the trees, the frantic twittering of song birds, a good sign that you need to make haste, if you’re to take advantage of the warmer conditions.

Gardening in spring. Get out in your garden.

Of course, garden fanatics will have been sifting through seed catalogues over the winter months, ensuring they have everything they need to start early, particularly vegetable growers because the sooner garden food’s on the table again, the better.

It’s a great time to visit your local garden centre because all the new stock will be waiting patiently, annuals, perennials, shrubs, all manner of plants for your garden.  Sometimes it can be just too tempting, I know that feeling, getting home thinking that actually, I’m not quite sure what I went to the garden centre to buy particularly, but regardless, I have some very nice plants to get in the ground.

At this time of year it’s great to get in the car and  venture out to see the spring flower displays, some places in Devon specialise, such as Lukesland Gardens which open on the 31st March, based near Ivybridge.  Another place really worth visiting is RHS Rosemoor, the amount of events they have across the year is quite staggering, and not exclusively plant based.  For instance, on the 6 and 7th April is their Wool & Yarn Festival, and don’t miss their Easter Fund Family Workshops running 6 to 21st April.

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