The Budget – Devon businesses, voice your disgust

The Budget – Devon businesses, voice your disgust

Yesterday’s Budget was yet another vicious attack from a Government that patently doesn’t understand about small business.  There’s no doubt about it, Westminster seems intent on hammering hard-working small businesses and the self-employed into the ground.  Pity we don’t have the same clout with Westminster as do internet giants such as Google, Amazon and suchlike.

Self employed people do not have the same access to state benefits as employees and therefore by trying to increase national insurance to the same level is going to be unfair.  Self employed people have more risk than employees, no sick pay, limited maternity benefits, no paid holidays and often the liability of employing staff.

What they’ve delivered recently:
Rates increases

Increased National Insurance for the self-employed.
Reduced dividend withdrawal allowances.

It’s easy to make your voice heard – just contact your MP now and voice your disgust!

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