The NEW EventHub

The NEW EventHub

AFTER A FULL YEAR of designing, improving, programing, testing, amending and testing again, the new EventHub has been launched – just in time for summer – Phew! (click here to view)

You may wonder what’s new – well there’s now the ability to add an image to each event (additional to your corporate/organisation logo).  Also, you should find login much easier by just clicking the big ‘Add Event’ button at the top.  There’s now also the new ‘Overview’ under Manage Events, which shows the publications and HUBs where your event appears.  The ethos of EventHub is to share your event data with as many other websites and printed publications as possible, ensuring your single event entry appears in many places.  The interface has also been redesigned, with new Tabs at the top for the important stuff such as Attractions and Courses/Classes.  You are now also able to supercharge your event’s promotion with Premium Promotion, allowing digital links for video/music, widescreen banner and prominent top positioning for up to 14 days.


Refresh your blowser:
Your browser may be holding onto old files for the the HUB, resulting in things looking odd – just refresh your browser to resolve.

Your organisation’s description:
It’s important that you ensure the description for your organisation is completed and correct.  You just need to login and go to ‘Profile’ to amend/add your description.

Technical issues:
Following the launch on the 1st July, we anticipate some minor technical issues, it’s inevitable after such a large major redesign of the software (it’s taken over a year!).  If you have any problems, please call as soon as possible so we can help resolve them.

Your feedback:
The EventHub exists totally for the benefit of users, so if you have suggestions or feedback, we’re glad to hear from you.  Contact 01395 513383

We hope you enjoy the new EventHub and would love to hear your thoughts.

Our new EventHub layout

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