Visit Dartmoor team up with Devonshire magazine’s HubCast

Visit Dartmoor team up with Devonshire magazine’s HubCast

The Visit Dartmoor/Active Dartmoor organisation have recently strategically teamed up with Devonshire magazine to use their HubCast system.

Visit Dartmoor now run to gather event information for their publications. This is great news for organisations hosting public events on Dartmoor, such as clubs, charities, societies, festivals, as it paves the way for seamless promotion of events through both online and offline formats.  What it means in practice for organisations is that by putting their event in DartmoorHub website, this information is immediately available to a range of affiliate partners such as Active Dartmoor magazine, Devonshire magazine as well as other publications and the HubCast websites.  For the public, it means they can easily find events that would previously been very hard to uncover.

Nigel Jones, founder of HubCast says that this is another great example of how both organisations and the public can benefit by working together and warmly welcomes Simon and Jenny to the HubCast network.

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