Welcome to Florence

Welcome to Florence

Sitting on the banks of Tuscany’s river Arno, Florence is one of Italy’s jewels and is widely accepted as home of the Italian Renaissance.  It’s a city that many feel compelled to visit.

It’s amazing, when walking the streets of Florence, to think that the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello walked them also.  Florence has so many historical connections in one of the richest cultural periods of the mediaeval era that a failure to visit is to miss out on a very special place. 

There are lots of places to visit in Florence

There are many gems to visit and enjoy, you just need to make sure you have a good 7 days to ensure you don’t leave without seeing all the best bits.  And there certainly is much to see, museums, ornate palaces, characterful squares, old walls and towers, indeed, there are numerous architectural gems. 

What’s particularly good is that you can walk across the Ponte Vecchio and up along the old city walls lined with cypresses and find peace and quiet.  Many cities degrade pretty quickly once you walk outside the old town area, but not here, and if you enjoy walking, Florence will suit you, that’s not to say you have to walk far because if you stay in the old town, it’s all conveniently close at hand.  There’s great shopping to be had to suit all budgets and superb quality food.  The Tuscans are proud of their food, and rightly so.  It’s a great pleasure to sit in one of the many piazza and watch the world go by over a cappuccino, and indeed it does, with visitors from every continent milling through.

Of course, Florence is a popular cultural holiday destination and it can get busy, but you can always find places to relax.  If you’ve already visited, then I hope you enjoy browsing this feature, perhaps it’ll bring back happy memories of a previous holiday in Florence.  Flying to Pisa is your best bet, which is followed by a train trip through the countryside that takes about 1.5 hours before you arrive at Florence.

Florence in Italy

The city walls meandering down the hill

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