Why the HUB?

Why the HUB?

The HUB is now Devon’s most important and only ‘pure’ What’s On website platform

ETHOS: The ethos of the HUB is that we want to uncover all the events it’s usually so easy to miss. The breadth of event information gets greater by the day – the HUB broadcasts the largest, right down to the smallest community events. How we enable this to happen is by making event promotion on this platform free to all organisations. Firstly, we extract much of the event data added by organisations to the website, directly into the Devonshire and Diary magazine event listings section. We also share and re-purpose data, for instance we supply customised event data to 9 different ‘partner’ websites such as visitor information websites, chambers of commerce, etc, so the event information you enter as an organisation can be used many times for your single addition to the HUB!

MASSIVE PUBLIC TRAFFIC: three quarters of a million views in 10 months see here

CONTENT MANAGEMENT WIDGET – our new widget will be available in 2015, so adding your events into the HUB means your events will simultaneously show on your own website – this service will be free.


Background and history to HUB What’s On websites:
The HUB has been totally funded by the Devonshire magazine. Founder Nigel Jones, after publishing magazines for the past 20 years in Devon, decided that there wasn’t a viable What’s On website where you could find not just tourist driven events, but all the local, interesting events that both local and visitors want to attend such as fairs, fetes, etc.  The project was initially conceived by Nigel in August 2011, with main design and database architecture presented to our programmer in June 2012 to begin coding out.  The first HUB (EastDevonHub) was launched in February 2013.  Now in August 2015, 4 whole years later, there are five regional HUBs – (and another 5 due later this year).  The website runs off a mysql database using .php and was completely designed in-house, and bespoke programmed to meet the requirements.  There’s an ongoing improvement and development programme in place – at this time we’re getting ready to implement a new suite of improvement which will include a re-skin of the interface, making it easier and more logical to use.  Also, a major new development will be remote HUBs, so for instance, other publishing houses will be able to adopt a local HUB and also login to extract any event data they want, this gives event promotion organisations even more power to their elbow as they potentially gain even more exposure for their single event entry in the HUB.

Acclaim from organisations using HUB to promote their events (note, figures out of date, overdue for revision):

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