Wonders of Whimple

Wonders of Whimple

Whimple truly is a wonderful place, having lived there myself briefly in the 90s, it was before all the property development had happened and the Whiteway’s Cider Factory was still standing.  Whiteway’s was once one of Devon’s great success stories, but various factors including the addition of VAT in on 1st April 1973 (in order to comply with EEC practice) and drastic increases in fuel cost resulting from political moves in the Middle East and dramatic inflation in the 70s caused a major decline in Whiteway’s fortunes (documented in Eric Whiteway’s excellent book entitled ‘Whiteway’s Cider – A company history’ – a highly recommended read if you can get hold of a copy ISBN 0-7153-9819-9).  Incidentally, I hope our cider makers are lobbying for post Brexit to get VAT on cider reversed – it would provide major assistance to our orchards and producers – perhaps we have an MP worth his/her salt who would step forward to help? – just another of my Utopian dreams? – most probably.

I’m not quite sure what happens in Whimple these days, I know that cider production still takes place, with a couple of companies producing. If you’re a business operating from Whimple, you’re welcome to contact Devonshire magazine to be featured.

Getting back to the Wonders of Whimple calendar, what a great idea and equally, what excellent community spirit exhibited by these ladies in Whimple that have taken part in this project to raise money for the charities; Breast Cancer Now and Breast Cancer Care, and also to raise money to purchase four licenses for Body Image Movement videos to show in East Devon secondary schools.  I’m sure you will agree that the orchard photograph is a lot of fun, the orchard being that of Jill Courtney of Cider Apple Products and the idea for the calendar being that of Gill Wilson and photographer Sue Draycott.  Well done to all concerned.

I just hope there weren’t any tourists passing by at the time of the photo shoot, we don’t want them getting the wrong idea about what happens here in rural Devon!

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The calendar costs £8 each or £9.50 including postage and packing.  Call 07725 594867 to place your order.

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