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Young Devon

Drive for an hour in any direction in Devon and you will find young people that Young Devon is housing, training or supporting in some way, shape or form. This progressive charity has a long and successful history supporting the most vulnerable and at risk young people within our county.

Young Devon has worked with lots of young people

In the last year, Young Devon has worked with over 2000 young people

The individual needs, challenges and aspirations of the 3,000+ young people that we work with every year sit at the centre of everything that we do.  Our work is delivered by a passionate and committed workforce of 120 and more than 150 supported and trained volunteers, apprentices & hosts. Young Devon works out of 18 sites, providing a diverse range of services to meet the complex needs of our beneficiaries.

Young Devon’s services are built around the themes of early intervention, stabilisation, progression and awareness raising. Each encompasses a range of services designed to support vulnerable young people in their lives:

In the last year, Young Devon has worked with over 2000 young people. Young people come to us with a variety of needs and often need support to journey through more than one of our services.

We strive to ensure that young people are kept off the streets, and in safe accommodation that suits their needs. 85 young people are placed in our housing projects every night of the year which equates to 31, 025 bed nights per year. Our Homelessness Prevention Teams worked with 208 young people to ensure no one went without a roof over their head.

Our Youth Enquiry Services, based around Devon endeavour to provide a safe, open and confidential environment where young people can access information, advice and support on issues relevant to them. Our skilled team delivered 1000 hours of counselling, developed mental health training in schools, supported over 360 young carers and were there for 100 young people who had suffered because of a crime.

Market Street

Trainees in the kitchen of Market Street

Through our Social Action, Skills and Qualifications projects we have supported over 350 young people in the last year through skills, training and apprenticeship programs, helping to empower young people to become active members of their community. Young Devon aims to invest in young people, helping them in building their life skills, confidence and motivation to help them to become independent adults.

Most recently, we have opened our first social enterprise restaurant, Market Street, based in Newton Abbot. This exciting project will deliver sustainable food to the local community whilst training 30 young people a year in Catering and Hospitality through its training and apprenticeship programmes.

Despite the expansive nature of Young Devon’s work, each service is grounded in one common goal. To promote and support a quality of life experience, enabling young people to become resilient and succeed in their right to enjoy safe, happy and healthy lives.

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