Your finest ‘home’ project?

Your finest ‘home’ project?

There’s always a visual end-product if your business is engaged in the home sector.  Perhaps it’s a new extension that your business has created, or a glitzy kitchen installation, you strive to show what your company can achieve in order to demonstrate excellence – an extremely powerful way to generate new business leads.

Home Design Yearbook cover

Send in your project photo
If you have a project of which you’re particularly proud, we’d like to hear from you because we’re looking for project pictures for inclusion in the HOME DESIGN YEARBOOK.  We’ve now started compiling the 2019/20 issue, so just pick up the phone (01395 513383 option 3) or email


Finding it difficult to access high quality photography?
There’s an easy solution through Devonshire magazine.  Our professional photographer, Nigel Jones, is always on hand to provide specialist help.  We regularly help Devonshire magazine clients to ensure that they have the best quality images available, once critical projects reach completion.

Nigel says:  “It’s vital to obtain imagery of your best work, otherwise it’s a missed opportunity – these images can then be used for a range of purposes; websites, brochures, adverts, they’re proof to prospective clients of what your company is able to achieve.”  If your business is a client of either Devonshire magazine or the Home Design Yearbook, we provide preferential rates for photography services (see below).

OMD EM1 Mk11

Professional photography is available on request from Devonshire magazine. A subsidised rate is available for businesses appearing in the HOME DESIGN YEARBOOK. One of our specialisms is interior spaces which can be notoriously challenging, both in terms of lighting (artificial lighting, colour casts, low light and highly directional light sources) and geometric distortion. We always process directly from camera RAW files and use professional grade lenses to ensure maximum image fidelity. The ability to  post-process images in software is critical to yield the best results.  Note – for every hour spent on site taking images, another 45 minutes is required for software processing.

Top image: A re-development of a riverside cottage by Mike Martin Associates

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